Text and Photos: José Manuel Serrano Esparza

The Brazilian football player Roberto Carlos Da Silva, ´Roberto Carlos´ , left side defender of Real Madrid, is nowadays and undoubtedly the best world player at his post.
Born in Garca, Sao Paulo (Brasil) on April 10th, 1973, being 1.68 m tall and weighing 70 kg, the brilliant Roberto Carlos made his debut in Real Madrid on June 1st 1996, coming from Inter of Milan, his previous team.
Preceded by a great celebrity as a tough defender and tremendous goal kicker, both in free kicks and field plays, since his very arrival at the white team, Roberto Carlos made a strenuous endeavour making for himself a fixed post in the starting 11 lineup of the most laureated football team on earth, getting the affection and deep esteem of both supporters and teammates because of his huge effort in every match, his sacrifice capability, steadfastness and an all-out fighting spirit, which have become him into an unsurmountable defender, although it may be attempted through speed, feints or dribbling.

We´re speaking about an actual force of nature, featuring prodigious athletic gifts: brutal top speed and deceleration ability, immense strength in legs, great jumping talent, a very good understanding of plays and wisdom to ´read´ what the attacker is going to try, incredible resistance to fatigue, very quick physical recovery after efforts to the limit, rare talent to cover his teammates backs and block possible gaps or penetration ways of the rival forwards, etc.
He is a superclass player and also a perennial fixed member of the Brazilian national football team, both in unofficial and internationally competition matches, world championships, etc.
His double personality within the game is incredible.
On one hand, he´s a limpet resembling coverer, almost impossible to dribble, bettering in that respect to even the most eminent specialists in soccer history as Berti Vogst, Gerets, Camacho, Sergi, etc, but such an impressive defensive attitude is matched by sensational qualities and natural gifts for attack, to such extent that currently he is regarded the best ´ attacking lateral defender ´ in European (and probably all over the world) football.
His attacks and forays across the left field side are constant, taking advantage of his fabulous maximum speed, his brilliant faints and his skilful dribblings while running, with which he easily overwhelms the rival defenses, creating a lot of goal opportunities, also oxygening and relieving the Real Madrid attacking players at very important specific moments.
His stamina is such, that frequently he makes runs of up to 50 and 60 metres, fighting for every ball with utter intensity, and if he loses it, he goes down to defend without swooning at any moment, his physical condition being superior to that one in many decathlon specialists, the same as happened with the mythic eighties decade Kaiserslautern and Verona player Hans Peter Briegel.
He is the only European player who has been successful in securely defending the brilliant Luis Figo, the greatest world crack in one on one.
From the first to the last minute of the matches, Roberto Carlos struggles as if he was fighting for his life and his presence is decisive, both in defense and in attack, with inexhaustible energy, infusing his teammates with confidence and calm.

His shot power is dreadful, with an effective goal shot up to 45 m!, having scored tons of free kicks both in National League and European and king´s Cup Tournaments.

His résumé is rather impressive:
        3 European ´ Champions League ´ Tournaments.
        2 Spanish Leagues.
        1 Intercontinental Cup.
        1 Football World Championship in Korea/Japan 2002.
        1 European Supercup.
        2 Brazilian Championships.
        - 1 Junior World Cup.
        2 American Cup Championships.

Specially unforgettable within Roberto Carlos sporting background was the achievement of the 8th and 9th European Champions League Cup by Real Madrid, performing a very important role at Saint Denis 2000 final match (3-0 vs Valencia C.F) and Hampden Park (Glasgow, Scotland, 2-1 vs Bayer Leverkusen) and very actively taking part in all the great celebration events held in the capital of Spain, both at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and on the mythical Cibeles Fountain in Madrid.

© Copyright Text and Photos: José Manuel Serrano Esparza