José Manuel Serrano Esparza, a Complutense University of Madrid English Philology degree holder, photojournalist and writer on a wide range of topics, has made more than two hundred reportages with his own text and photographs published in different colour and black and white magazines like Viewfinder, Digitalis Foto Magazin, FV Foto-Video Actualidad, China Photography, Film und Foto, Flugzeug Classic, Aviación General y Deportiva, Más Arte Guía del Arte, Esfinge and others, being likewise an acknowledged researcher on photographic cameras and lenses both in the analogue and digital domain, B & W emulsions and photographic technique. He has also photographed a comprehensive range of works of art, archaeology, nature and landscapes, motor cycling, tourist resorts, cuisine, classic piston radial engine planes, modern jets and all types of cultural events and high end technology, along with the coverage of a number of elite sports competitions within the scope of FIBA, NBA, FIFA, UEFA, ATP, Olympic Games, FAI Aerobatics Championships and diverse World Cup Contests.

He is currently a member of the Leica Historical Society of America and a member of Infante of Orleans Foundation for the preservation of historical classical aircraft.

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